Nutrition students and professionals that are underrepresented in our field.

Briana Butler

Hi! I’m Briana Butler; a pro basketball player turned sports dietitian! After retiring from ball, I decided to pursue dietetics full time, received a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from UT Southwestern Medical Center (got my BA in Human Performance from USC – Fight On!), and jumped into private practice while working as a dietitianContinue reading “Briana Butler”

Gurveen Jaggi

Hi everyone, my name is Gurveen Jaggi and I am currently a student at the University of Alberta in the Dietetics Specialization program. I’ve been interested in nutrition and how it relates to chronic diseases since I was in high school and have always been watching documentaries and reading articles relating to nutrition. When IContinue reading “Gurveen Jaggi”

Marina Mansour

MAN, RD Hi everyone! My name is Marina Mansour. My journey to dietetics has been a long one, but one that I truly appreciate for what it has taught me. I studied biological sciences at the University of Alberta before realizing my true passion was nutrition. I then went to Acadia University where I finishedContinue reading “Marina Mansour”

Craig Pacheco

My name is Craig Pacheco (He/Him/His) and I am a Registered Dietitian in Toronto/Tkaronto, Canada. I am a graduate of the Master of Public Health in Nutrition and Dietetics program from the University of Toronto and the founder of Queerly Nutrition, a service focusing on advocating and providing LGBT2SQ+ inclusive nutrition care services and training.Continue reading “Craig Pacheco”


MS, RD, Lecturer, Doctoral Candidate Hi I’m Feraz, the host of @rdexampodcast and I am also a university professor. I am currently conducting my doctoral dissertation on diversity in dietetics, which I have been working on since 2018 while enrolled in a doctorate program concentrated in social justice, social change, and equity. Being in this programContinue reading “Feraz”

Elizabeth Gutiérrez

University of Illinois; BSc, ’20 My name is Elizabeth Gutiérrez, and I go by she/her pronouns. In May of 2020, I received my bachelors degree in food science and human nutrition with a concentration in dietetics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). I am now pursuing my Master’s Degree at UIUC in nutritionalContinue reading “Elizabeth Gutiérrez”

Sherene Chou

MS, RDN I am a Chinese American dietitian focused on plant-based nutrition and building a more sustainable food system.  Growing up in East Los Angeles, I was surrounded by mostly Chinese and Mexican culture. My parents immigrated from Taiwan and as a first gen kid, I didn’t know dietetics was a profession till I decidedContinue reading “Sherene Chou”

Ayten Salahi

MS I am researcher, food policy advocate and nutrition coach on a mission to heal people and the planet through food. As the first-generation daughter of Turkish-Cypriot immigrants and war survivors, I learned at a young age to view food as a tool for healing, compassion, and unity. After nearly a decade in medical research, I left myContinue reading “Ayten Salahi”

Kimberly Korff

RD My name is Kimberly Korff, and I received my bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Missouri State University and completed my dietetic internship at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, IL. I’m now a registered dietitian in rural Iowa. While studying nutrition in undergrad, I frequently thought, “All we are talking about is AmericanContinue reading “Kimberly Korff”


University of Saskatchewan BSc, ’21 Hi! My name is Ken (he/him). I’m transgender and queer. I’m also a nutrition student at the University of Saskatchewan, currently doing practicum! I’ve never seen myself represented in dietetics. It took me years to build up the courage to come out and transition. I thought I had to chooseContinue reading “Ken”

Kegomoditswe Thibedi

RD, CDE Optifast Dietitian Hi, I’m Kegomoditswe Thibedi, a Registered dietitian in South Africa . I obtained my bachelors degree in dietetics at the university of Pretoria. I’m currently working for the government in Brits District hospital in the North west Province and I am based in the paediatric ward. I have a passion forContinue reading “Kegomoditswe Thibedi”

Rukayyah Abdus-Samad

Ryerson University, BASc ’23 Hi everyone! My name is Rukayyah Abdus-Samad and I was born and raised in Toronto. I have a Guyanese (West-Indian) background and I am identifiably a Muslim. I am currently a second year nutrition student at Ryerson University. I am completing a certificate in food security along with my degree. MyContinue reading “Rukayyah Abdus-Samad”


RD TRIGGER WARNING: Sensitive Content Hey, folx! I’m Nat, a queer white settler living in K’jipuktuk, part of the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq.  Looking back on my journey to becoming a dietitian is difficult—while I see a lot of joy and learning, I also see a lot of trauma and naivety. It is nowContinue reading “Nat”

Su-Nui Escobar

DCN, RDN, FAND My name is Su-Nui Escobar, DCN, RDN, FAND. I am a doctor in clinical nutrition. Professionally, working as a nutrition expert in the media has been a passion of mine since graduation. My other passion is teaching, and I am currently working in combining both by creating an Instagram account and aContinue reading “Su-Nui Escobar”


MS, RD My journey into dietetics started at age 11 when my sister @awfully.sweet was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Seeing how much nutrition impacts health at a young age set the course for me to become a dietitian. Some bumps in the road included a teacher who said “minorities don’t typically do well” andContinue reading “Eshani”

Sadé Meeks

MS, RD My name is Sadé Meeks, a Registered Dietitian born and raised in Jackson, MS. I got my B.S. in culinary arts from Miss Univ for Women and my M.S. in Nutrition from CSULA. I can’t say I’ve always wanted to be a dietitian. It isn’t because it hasn’t always been part of myContinue reading “Sadé Meeks”

Germaine Guy

MS, RD My name is Germaine Guy. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutrition/dietetics. I’ll hold a specialty certification in renal nutrition but I’m also interested in sports nutrition and whole foods plant-based nutrition. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve experienced any barriers being an African-American male dietitian. Being a minority in bothContinue reading “Germaine Guy”

Wintana Kiros

RD I am originally from East Africa, Ethiopia and Eritrea. My Dad is Eritrean, and I was born and raised in Ethiopia. We have various family customs related to food. As for culture, we are vegan most of the year and eat meat in between fasting seasons. I believe we have the best vegan/vegetarian foodContinue reading “Wintana Kiros”

Katrina Lo

BASc Hello, I’m Katrina, I am a Canadian born Chinese citizen. My parents’ families came from 2 different parts of China but my parents spent the majority of their lives in Canada. Growing up I was exposed to a very Western culture. I never really knew much of my family, and I only had oneContinue reading “Katrina Lo”


BSc, 21 My name is Sabrina aka @_sabji! On my page you will find memes, tips for reducing waste, myth busting and nutrition education made simple! I’m in my final year at King’s College London, and right now I have a bunch of different areas I want to tackle, from nutrition education to food insecurityContinue reading “Sabrina”


BSc, ’19 Hey everyone! My name is Jamie and I am studying at Deakin University in Melbourne. I graduated from the Bachelor’s in Food and Nutrition Science in 2019 and I’m currently doing Honours this year where I am researching dietary intakes of toddlers, which is one of my areas of interest. I’m an InternationalContinue reading “Jamie”

Zariel Grullón

RD Saludos! Mi nombre es Zariel! I am a first gen Dominican who recently became an RD! I am 1/2 of @nomorechichos a platform shared with my sister where we make healthy fun, para todos. We do this in two ways, first way is by educating empowering and inspiring future RDs and other allied healthContinue reading “Zariel Grullón”

Navika Gangrade

RD Hello! My name is Navika Gangrade. I am a registered dietitian in a PhD Candidate in Nutrition at Cornell University. My research is focused on remediating nutrition-related health disparities among minority, low-income youth through behavioral interventions. In my work, I leverage resources to allow marginalized populations to advocate and promote their own nutrition/health, inContinue reading “Navika Gangrade”

Gurneet Kaur Dhami

MSc AHN (c) Hello All, my name is Gurneet Kaur Dhami and I am a settler of South Asian descent (Panjabi-Sikh) travelling between Kanadario (Ontario) & Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia) as I complete my MSc in Applied Human Nutrition at Mount Saint Vincent University. My thesis “Re-setting the Table: Exploring the Counter-stories of Racialized Dietitians inContinue reading “Gurneet Kaur Dhami”

Sandrine Staco

RD Hello!My name is Sandrine. I’m a registered dietitian from Montreal, Qc. I was born in Montréal but my parents are from Haiti. I recently finished my bachelor’s at the University of Montréal. Although Montréal is a very multi-cultural city, there was very little diversity in the nutrition program. I was the only black personContinue reading “Sandrine Staco”

Karen Villella

MS, RDN, LDN Hi there! My name is Karen Villella. I grew up in a typical Mexican household where food, family and hard work were highly valued. In college I discovered my love for dance along with weight training. I double majored in Exercise Science and Spanish. Exercise Science taught me the importance of movement,Continue reading “Karen Villella”

Nijya Saffo

MS, RDN, LD B.S. in Athletic Training from Bowling Green State University M.S. in Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity from The University of Southern California My specialization and interest include wellness/sports nutrition and corporate nutrition. I am also an adjunct Professor at Columbus State Community College. As a whole Universities, Dietetics, Employers, etc. can improve onContinue reading “Nijya Saffo”

Tracy Amofa-Diatuo

BSc, MSc Hi there.I’m Tracy! I’m Afropean which simply means that I was born in France but my roots are Ghanaian (side-bar I lived in the U.K. for 8-9 years to study and work (for this reason I’m quite fluent in English)). I’m a registered dietitian-nutritionist based in France.When it came to the point of consideringContinue reading “Tracy Amofa-Diatuo”

Ashley Lauren

MPH, RDN, LD, CHES Hi! I’m Ashley, second career RD/MPH/CHES and bi-racial. I always knew there was a link between health and food but it wasn’t until I went back to school that I started to see the real problems. In my naivety, I thought I’d learn everything about nutrition and pour into those whoContinue reading “Ashley Lauren”

Richelle Rada

RDN, LD, MIEP I am Richelle Rada. I am a Filipino American dietitian wearing many hats. I am a clinical dietitian at Guam Memorial Hospital. I am an instructor at the University of Guam. And I am virtual dietitian, empowering people to eat the foods they love, reaching their health goals all while celebrating theirContinue reading “Richelle Rada”


BSc, ’21 Hello! My name is Maggie and I’m currently in the final semester of my Nutrition Undergraduate degree at Curtin University. I’m an Australian-born Chinese (or what people like to call ABCs). I grew up with the influences from mixed cultures- i.e. both Western and Chinese cultures, where I was exposed to a varietyContinue reading “Maggie”

Trista Yuan

BSc, ’22 I’m a Chinese international student in UBC Dietetics. China is known for a variety of mouth-watering foods and there are creative dishes coming out constantly. I grew up having my tastebuds pampered, but I want to talk about something that flows under the flourishing and ever-evolving food culture. I was born and raisedContinue reading “Trista Yuan”

Carlie Beaucejour

MS, RD Hey beautiful people! My name is Carlie Beaucejour. I am a proud Haitian- American registered dietitian. I have been an RD for 2 years and in the field for 8! My overall experience as a black woman in dietetics has been great. I love when clients/patients of color are expecting to see someoneContinue reading “Carlie Beaucejour”

Malou Aragon

RDN Kamusta ka?! Sharing respect, gratitude for the Maricopa and Pima Ancestors and Ancestral lands of which I live and practice. My name is Malou Aragon and I received my Bachelor of food science in nutrition with a specialization in dietetics and food service management. Alumni from Central Wa. University. My interests/work centers around eatingContinue reading “Malou Aragon”

Jasmynne Blacks

B.S. Nutrition Sc Hi everyone! My name is Jasmynne Blacks. I am currently a Master’s student in the Coordinated Nutrition Program, Graduate School + Dietetic Internship at Georgia State University. My journey within the field of dietetics has been amazing. In only a year I’ve developed great relationships with my cohort members and preceptors, completedContinue reading “Jasmynne Blacks”

Jackie Silver

Hi! I’m Jackie, a dietitian and recent graduate of Ryerson’s MHSc Nutrition Communication program. I specialize in nutrition for people with physical disabilities. As a person living with a disability myself, I see how excluded this population is from the wellness industry and I’m on a mission to change that. People with disabilities deserve equalContinue reading “Jackie Silver”

Natasha Ngindi

Nutritionist My name is Natasha Ngindi and I’m a Non-Diet Nutritionist. My passion is helping women find food freedom and body acceptance. When I was in school, there was only a handful of non-white students in the entire 4 year nutrition program, and it was the same during internship. There was a huge lack ofContinue reading “Natasha Ngindi”


BASc, MHSc Hey there, I’m Beeks and I’m currently working towards my Masters degree in Nutrition Communication at Ryerson University! Although I’m still figuring out my path in dietetics, I know that I have a strong passion for content creation and wellness. Coming from quite a traditional Chinese home and growing up around Western influences,Continue reading “Beeks”

Sarthak Matravadia

MSc, PhD I’m Sarthak Matravadia, and I am a dietetics student at the University of Guelph. I am a nutrition scientist, and my wife and I run a dietetics private practice focused on pediatric and family nutrition.  Dietetics is my ‘second career’ as I previously worked in the Natural Health Product industry developing weight “management”Continue reading “Sarthak Matravadia”

Prabh Saini

BASc, ’21 Hi, I’m Pabh and I’m going into my fourth year at Ryerson for nutrition and dietetics. Initially, my love for nutrition sparked upon seeing my dad’s recovery from coronary artery disease by actively changing his lifestyle. I was profoundly struck by our body’s capability of preventing and potentially reversing damage if we careContinue reading “Prabh Saini”

Taavi Moore

BS, ’21 My name is Taavi Moore. I am a 20-year-old passionate food blogger from Seattle, WA. I am currently attending school at Seattle Pacific University studying Nutrition and Dietetics. My passion for cooking has been influenced by the countless hours I spent in the kitchen growing up. By cooking nutritious, plant-based food I haveContinue reading “Taavi Moore”

Jennifer Halteh

BASc, ’21 Hola! My name is Jen (she/her) and I am a first generation Canadian-Palestinian. My parents immigrated from the city of Ramallah and my sister and I were later born in a city just north of Toronto. I started this account as a fun outlet to post photos of my food and now I’veContinue reading “Jennifer Halteh”

Camaria Welch

MS, RD Hello! My name is Camaria. When Christabel first reached out to me to be featured it was around the time that I was finishing up my dietetic internship and preparing to take the RD exam. Truth be told, I’ve struggled with how to share my experiences as a person of color in theContinue reading “Camaria Welch”

Kelsey Lloyd

MS, RD, LDN Hello! My name is Kelsey and I am a registered dietitian currently working in nutrition communications around public health issues. Growing up around grandparents and extended family with strong southern roots, food has always been a huge part of my life and I’m a firm believer in its ability to nurture usContinue reading “Kelsey Lloyd”

Emily Nagel

PHD, RD, LD I was adopted from South Korea when I was a baby. My parents always celebrated my Korean heritage and made efforts to introduce me to aspects of Korean culture, but it was always something that made me feel different when I just wanted to fit in. I think that speaks to theContinue reading “Emily Nagel”

Myriam Webb

RD, Doula Myriam has been a Registered Dietitian serving the diverse population of New York City in community, clinical and outpatient settings for almost 7 years. As an undergraduate student at CUNY Brooklyn College, Myriam minored in Women’s Studies. She found herself drawn to nutrition interventions related to breastfeeding and women’s health throughout her internshipContinue reading “Myriam Webb”

Safura Syed

BSc; MAHN; MSc.AHN Hi everyone! My name is Safura Syed and I am in the Master of Science Applied Human Nutrition program at Mount Saint Vincent University with combined internship. I co-lead the diversify dietetic Canada FB community to help #diversifydietetics in Canada. While working as a dietary aide in a long-term care home duringContinue reading “Safura Syed”

Ruba Al Rubaye

BASc, ’23 Heyy Guys! My name is Ruba Al Rubaye, an Iraqi, who has spent her whole life living in different countries that celebrate different cultures, starting from Libya to UAE to Iraq and lastly Canada. I am currently in my second year as a nutrition student at Ryerson University in Toronto. When I firstContinue reading “Ruba Al Rubaye”

Kameron Rowe

MS, RD Hey y’all. My name is Kameron and I am a registered dietitian based in Rochester, NY although I am originally from Raleigh, NC and a proud Tar Heel 🐏 (#goheels!) When I was sixteen, I lost 90 pounds. This life changing experience propelled me to study nutrition and to help people lead healthyContinue reading “Kameron Rowe”

Tasha Sarver

RD, LD, CDCES Tasha Sarver, RD, LD, CDCES is an experienced dietitian with 14 years experience. She is a wife, mom, author, and certified diabetes educator. Her background is in diabetes, adult weight management, heart health, and diabetes medical technology. The non-diet approach to healthy eating is her nutrition philosophy. As a black dietitian TashaContinue reading “Tasha Sarver”

Alejandra Sepúlveda

Hello, my name is Alejandra Sepulveda. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I moved to Orlando, FL in 2016, attended high school for my junior and senior year, and got accepted at Florida International University in Miami to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics. I have always had a greatContinue reading “Alejandra Sepúlveda”

Haneen Youssef

HBSc, ’17; BASc, 20; MPH, ’22 Hi Everyone! My name is Haneen Youssef. I’m originally Palestinian, was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates and moved to Canada in 2013. My undergraduate educational journey began in 2013 at University of Toronto (UofT) doing a double major in Nutritional Science and Health and Disease. FourContinue reading “Haneen Youssef”


BASc, ’18 I moved to Canada 8 years ago @ 16 years old from the Middle East & the cultural shock was real! I found comfort in food & science — hence studied nutrition & maintained eating delicious meals. My idea of healthy eating is different from nutritionist back home & what the general normContinue reading “Maryam”

Sue-Ellen Anderson

MS, RDN, CDCES, LDN, CPT Sue-Ellen Anderson-Haynes, Masters of Science in Nutrition and Wellness from Andrews University and Bachelors of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition, Specialization Dietetics and Minor In Health Science Education at the University of Florida. I completed my 43-week dietetic residency at Orlando Florida Hospital and have been working inContinue reading “Sue-Ellen Anderson”

Manju Karkare

MS, RDN, LDN, CLT, FAND I did my Bec in Food and Nutrition from SNDT University, Pune, India and traveled to Lexington, KY (University of Kentucky) for my master’s degree. I have worked in a variety of areas of Dietetics including acute care, oncology clinic, community nutrition and occupational health and wellness and am nowContinue reading “Manju Karkare”

Bhavin Mistry

BASc, ’18; MAN, ’21 Hey there, my name is Bhavin! I am a Registered Dietitian “in-training” and will hopefully be fully licensed in fall 2021. I began my post-secondary education at the University of Guelph where I graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Child, Youth & Family in 2016. I wanted toContinue reading “Bhavin Mistry”

Esther Lam

RD My name is Esther Lac and I’m a Canadian Chinese Registered Dietitian in Calgary, AB. I describe myself as a passionate advocate for cultural awareness and mental health in nutrition. My original interest when I decided to study dietetics was mental health and eating disorders. I love counseling because I get to hear client’sContinue reading “Esther Lam”

Zemira Barnes

MS, ’18 As an African American woman, I am among less than 3% of individuals that make up the Dietetics profession. I started my journey in Dietetics at Tuskegee University (an HBCU) ,received my Masters, and now DI certification from Southern University. The journey to becoming an RD is long but I believe worth it!Continue reading “Zemira Barnes”

Tracy On

BASc, ’20; MAN, ’21 My name’s Tracy On and I’m completing my last semester of the Master of Applied Nutrition program to become a registered dietitian. I am a first-generation immigrant and my sister and I are the first in our family to finish high school and university. Growing up in a predominantly white community,Continue reading “Tracy On”

Nathan Reid

BASc, ’22 Hello! My name is Nathan Reid. I was born and raised in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa. I recently graduated from Queen’s University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Health Studies. During the summer of 2020, I ended up moving to Toronto to pursue a second undergraduate degreeContinue reading “Nathan Reid”

Symone and Chantel

RD RD highlight is double_dose_of_vitamin_c_ also known as Symone & Chantel. They are twin sisters and registered dietitians in Canada. Symone and Chantel are of Caribbean descent with parents originating from Trinidad and Tobago. They feel very fortunate to have parents from such a beautiful place, one with unique tastes and rich culture. Both, graduatedContinue reading “Symone and Chantel”

Alexis Trice

BS, ’20 I am Alexis Trice. I will begin my dietetic internship this fall with Lipscomb University. I graduated from Lipscomb in the spring of this year. My goal is to go into private practice and specialize in weight loss, diabetes, or maternal nutrition. Lipscomb is a private, predominantly white institution. Before I discovered dietetics,Continue reading “Alexis Trice”

Tselane Ramothata

RD I’m Tselane, a registered Dietitian in South Africa. I graduated with Bsc Honours in Dietetics. My interests in Dietetics are Renal and Paediatrics. Knowing the previous injustices that has happened to our country there is still a lot of socio-economic imbalances amongst our people especially affecting black and POC in the country. I wasContinue reading “Tselane Ramothata”

Dekeira H.

BS, ’21 My name is Dekeira Horne. I am a 5th year senior at Rutgers University studying Dietetics. My interests include long term care (neurodegenerative diseases), herbal/ alternative medicine and women’s health. Eventually , I would like to open up my own nursing home where I would cater to residents of Caribbean descent. I doContinue reading “Dekeira H.”


RD I am a Registered Dietitian and I went to Johnson and Wales University and graduated with a degree in Culinary Nutrition. Then I received my master’s degree in Dietetics. The reason I became a dietitian: My grandmother inspired me to become a dietitian. For years I watched her suffer from uncontrolled diabetes. Unfortunately, myContinue reading “Madalyn”


MS, RDN, LDN My name is Cassidy, I’ve been a dietitian for 3 years. I have worked as a supermarket RD, outpatient clinical, and now in a renal setting. I have a BS in nutrition, MS in medical nutrition, and my internship focus was in nutrition therapy. I think struggle for a lot of studentsContinue reading “Cassidy”

Mayaneli Brown

Hi! I’m Mayaneli Brown, a bilingual nutrition student at the University of New Mexico. I currently work as a behavioral health technician at an Eating Disorder Treatment Center (@edtc.abq) here in New Mexico. I also hold a degree in culinary arts and have 5+ years’ experience working the restaurant industry. Throughout my endeavors working asContinue reading “Mayaneli Brown”

Mays Ibrahim

BScFN, DDEPT, RD Hey there! My name is Mays and I have been a Registered Dietitian for just over 3 years now. I graduated from the Brescia University College (Western University, London, ON, Canada) with an Honors Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics (HBSc). As a clinical and community dietitian, I have had the privilege toContinue reading “Mays Ibrahim”

Kelly Tran

BASc, ’21 Hi everyone! My name is Kelly and I am in my final year of the Nutrition and Food (BASc) and Food Security certificate programs at Ryerson University in Toronto. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Coming from a Vietnamese-Chinese background, food has always connected me to my family and cultural traditions. My relatives show love and appreciation toContinue reading “Kelly Tran”

Alexis Ray

BSc, ’20 My name is Alexys Ray and I have a B.S. in Culinary Nutrition. My interests are in Culinary Arts, Intuitive Eating, recipe development and would love to eventually learn more about weight management! As of yet, I have not knowingly faced any racial barriers within the field of Dietetics. What I have experiencedContinue reading “Alexis Ray”

Michelle C.

BSc, ’22 Hi, I’m Michelle! I am a 3rd year nutrition student & dietetic intern from Edmonton, Alberta. Being Filipino, Chinese, and growing up in Texas around strong Latino influence, I have been exposed to many kinds of foods and cultural cuisines my whole life. My mother was very open-minded food, so I was alwaysContinue reading “Michelle C.”

Aquierra Anderson

MS, RDN, LDN, CLT My name is Aquierra Anderson and I am a fairly new Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I am a graduate of Alcorn State University(BS), Tuskegee University(MS), & I completed my dietetic internship at Southern University and A&M College. So I am a 3x HBCU made clinician. I am currently pursing my doctorate degreeContinue reading “Aquierra Anderson”

Shana Johnson

MPH My name is Shana! I recently graduated from my dietetic internship at UCSF and now am studying for the RD exam. I have a masters in Public Health Nutrition in 2014. Since childhood I’ve always had a passion for nutrition but i didn’t know I wanted to be an RD until later in life;Continue reading “Shana Johnson”

Anika Dhalla

Bsc, ’19 Hi, I’m Anika! I’m a dietetic intern at Brescia University College, placed in the Hamilton Health Sciences cohort. I’m passionate about health equity. It’s something I’ve really had to learn and unlearn multiple times during my research and time as a nutrition student. It became my passion and I think it’s my calling!Continue reading “Anika Dhalla”

Claudia Carrillo

BSc, ’21 Hello everyone! I am Claudia Carrillo, a 5th-year senior student in Dietetics at Iowa State University. I graduated this past May with a BSc in Nutritional Science Pre-Health and in a year I will be completing my second BSc in Dietetics. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to IowaContinue reading “Claudia Carrillo”

Leanne Lazaro

BASc, ’23 Hello everyone! My name is Leanne Lazaro and I am honoured to be a part of the Nutrition Diversified community! As a first generation Indian-Canadian, being born and raised in Canada has provided me with a wide perspective of all races, religions and cultures. I am currently enrolled into my second year ofContinue reading “Leanne Lazaro”

Shanon Morris

MS, RD, CDN The diversity that is slowing seeping into the world of nutrition is refreshing. We have to keep advocating for diversity in the field because in doing so we are not only advocating for the communities we serve but for all the young future nutrition professions who will follow. It’s time to paintContinue reading “Shanon Morris”

Jenni Lee

MS, ’20; NDTR Hi everyone! My name is Jenni and I am a bilingual dietetic intern. I just finished my fall rotations (food service management and community rotations) and will be starting my spring rotations after winter break! As a first generation Korean immigrant who’s also a first generation college graduate, my family has taughtContinue reading “Jenni Lee”

Kylie Gonsalves

BSc, ’20 Hello everyone! My name is Kylie and I, like many of you, am studying to be a registered dietitian. I recently completed my undergrad at Brescia UC and will be pursuing my Master of Nutrition Communication at Ryerson University very soon! My time at Brescia was great, however one area which was particularlyContinue reading “Kylie Gonsalves”

Marsha Hoffmann

MA, RD, CDN, CPT Hi, I’m Marsha Hoffmann an NYC based Registered Dietitian.  I’m a first-generation Haitian American who loves food, traveling, and exploring all things creative. I graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor in Spanish Language and Literature. While at uni I was also pre-med. My plan was to be an optometrist,Continue reading “Marsha Hoffmann”

Anisha Vijh

BASc, ’20 Hi! My name is Anisha Vijh. Being born and raised in Toronto, diversity was normal, and being a person of colour was not something that I ever thought about until I got to university. When I started at the University of Guelph, I noticed 2 things: everyone was very friendly, and almost everyoneContinue reading “Anisha Vijh”


BASc, ’21 My name is Patricia. My family immigrated from the Philippines to Canada in 2003. Currently, I am a fourth year nutrition student at Ryerson University, pursuing a certificate in Aging and Gerontology. Fun fact: the first time I ever saw snow was when I moved to Canada Prior to the pandemic, I providedContinue reading “Patricia”

Evita Basilio

RD I am a Clinical Dietitian working at a hospital in downtown Toronto within both inpatient and outpatient areas. I was born and raised between the U.A.E and India and moved to Canada to do my BSc. in Dietetics. Over the years I realized the education and profession as a whole does not represent theContinue reading “Evita Basilio”

Trinique Waters

RD, LDN My name is Trinique (Stallings) Waters and I’m a Registered Dietitian living in Philadelphia, PA with my wife and our two pets. I attended La Salle University and completed their Coordinated Program in Dietetics, graduating in 2016. I have a great love for community nutrition and nutrition education! The majority of the peopleContinue reading “Trinique Waters”


BScFN, MHSc, ’21 Hi everyone! My name is Yasmine and I am a second year graduate student at Ryerson in the Masters of Nutrition Communication program. I’ve had a wide range of experience within research including nutrigenomics, lung disease, transplant patients, and low socioeconomic status and their effects on nutrition! My parents immigrated from LebanonContinue reading “Yasmine”

Angela Le

BASc, ’21 My name is Angela Le and I am currently entering my fourth year of studying nutrition at the University of Guelph. I am a woman of Vietnamese origin with strong cultural roots. I was raised in Mississauga for the majority of my life, prior to residing in Guelph. There have been many instancesContinue reading “Angela Le”

Norine Khalil

MSc, RD Hi there! Norine here – when Christabel asked me to be featured on this incredible platform, I was a) immediately ready and willing to do anything for this girl because she’s amazing, and b) overwhelmed with panic because I realized I hadn’t really thought about being a woman of colour in the nutritionContinue reading “Norine Khalil”

Alisha Buttar

BSc, ’22 I’m a Dietetics Student at the University of British Columbia which is on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) people. I balance a Research Assistant position and a handful of extracurriculars activities. I am a Punjabi, South Asian womxn who grew up in a town with virtually no peopleContinue reading “Alisha Buttar”

Sharon Swampy

BSc, ’20 I am a First Nations Cree and Mexican Dietitian from Canada. I recently graduated from the Dietetics Specialization program at the University of Alberta and was also the first Indigenous student to graduate from this program. One of the reasons why I wanted to become a dietitian is because I want to beContinue reading “Sharon Swampy”

Johane Filemon

MS, RDN, CLT My name is Johane Filemon and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 15 yrs of experience in the field of nutrition. My academic background is in Exercise Science and Dietetics with a master’s degree in Food and Nutrition Science. I started my private practice, Wonderfully Nutritious Solutions, LLC, in 2014Continue reading “Johane Filemon”

Reem and Zeinab

BFNSc, ’23 Hello! We are Reem and Zeinab from Of Mint and Rosewater. Reem is currently a second year nutrition student and Zeinab studied biochemistry during her time in university. Reem wanted to share her experience being a Muslim hijab wearing female in a nutrition program in Canada. The nutrition program that I am inContinue reading “Reem and Zeinab”

Noura Sheikhalzoor

MSc, RD My name is Noura Sheikhalzoor. I’m originally Syrian born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I graduated from the dietetics program from the United Arab Emirates University. I then immigrated to Canada with my family. I have always been interested in cultures (including foods, beliefs, celebrations, and more). I then studied atContinue reading “Noura Sheikhalzoor”

Lina Rahouma

BASc, ’20 Hey there! My name is Lina and I’m a recent graduate of the nutrition and food program at Ryerson. Being Egyptian, living in Kuwait and US and studying in Canada, has provided me with a rich cultural background that contributed to my diverse lens and perspective in dietetics. Over the course of theContinue reading “Lina Rahouma”

Nadina Villacis

BASc, ’22 My name is Nadina Kavita Villacis. I’m a Canadian-Guyanese-Indian woman. I was born in Canada after my parents immigrated from Guyana. My South American origin has always played a large part in my life, especially when it comes to food. I love being a part of so many cultures and mixing them intoContinue reading “Nadina Villacis”

Krista Linares

MPH, RDN I became interested in nutrition when I was diagnosed with multiple food allergies and PCOS within the same year. I was a vegetarian at the time and felt really confused and lost. This was made worse by the fact that when I went to visit my family it felt like I could noContinue reading “Krista Linares”

Lauren Bickford

MS, RDN, LDN Hello! My name is Lauren Bickford, and my Potawatomi name is Waskonekwe. Growing up I lived in a very middle class very white area in the Midwest. Diversity was truly not present in my early years. I completed my DPD/MS/DI combined program at Boston University. During my internship at Boston Medical CenterContinue reading “Lauren Bickford”

Prab Kaur

BSc, MSc Hello! My name is Prab and I was born and raised in Canada, surrounded by many diverse ethnic communities including my own Punjabi-Sikh community. I have attended a few universities in different Canadian cities over the years including @uottawa, @mcgillu, and finally @bresciauc, where I completed my BSc Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics. I then completedContinue reading “Prab Kaur”

Tiffany Ong

As a Korean and Chinese American, I have experienced a variety of cultures and values within my own background and here where I grew up. As I studied in nutrition and dietetics at New York University (a hubbub of cultures), I learned so much more about other cultures and health disparities. Although we are oftenContinue reading “Tiffany Ong”


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