Hispanic Serving Institutions

with accredited nutrition programs. What is an HSI? By definition, Hispanic Serving Institutions – or HSIs – are colleges or universities where Hispanic students comprise at least 25% of the full-time equivalent student body, and registered with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. They are certified by the Department of Education. There are 323Continue reading “Hispanic Serving Institutions”

Germaine Guy

MS, RD My name is Germaine Guy. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutrition/dietetics. I’ll hold a specialty certification in renal nutrition but I’m also interested in sports nutrition and whole foods plant-based nutrition. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve experienced any barriers being an African-American male dietitian. Being a minority in bothContinue reading “Germaine Guy”

Redlining, Food Apartheids and Black Food Justice

– Katie Petit and Riley De Jesus The USDA defines a food desert as “a neighborhood that lacks healthy food sources.” While this term has been widely used to describe communities with lack of access to fresh foods and grocery stores, it is imperative that we contextualize what this language can mean to people livingContinue reading “Redlining, Food Apartheids and Black Food Justice”