MS, RD, Lecturer, Doctoral Candidate

Hi I’m Feraz, the host of @rdexampodcast and I am also a university professor. I am currently conducting my doctoral dissertation on diversity in dietetics, which I have been working on since 2018 while enrolled in a doctorate program concentrated in social justice, social change, and equity. Being in this program has elucidated many concepts that I feel are relevant to diversity in dietetics such as the concepts of micro-aggressions, Critical Race Theory, and Sense of Belonging. After studying and absorbing these concepts, among others, I am now exploring the stories of BIPOC dietetic program graduates in their pursuit of becoming dietitians because I feel stories from BIPOC individuals could serve as sources of empowerment, inform future diversity initiatives, and amplify BIPOC voices. I’m really passionate about diversifying the field as doing so may better reflect the patient population, ensure equity, cultural competence, and reduce disparities in the delivery of care.

I identify as a first-generation South Asian American male with ancestors from both India and Pakistan. I’m thankful that I have a strong cultural foundation instilled in me by my family, even though I barely saw any other South Asians in the small central California town that I lived. While going through my dietetics journey, I rarely saw any other BIPOC dietetic students/professionals. I feel platforms such as @nutritiondiversified are so integral in highlighting the voices of the BIPOC community and I sincerely thank this account for its amazing work. I am ecstatic that more discussions are being had regarding how to improve diversity in dietetics and look forward to seeing a more diverse field.

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