Sherene Chou


I am a Chinese American dietitian focused on plant-based nutrition and building a more sustainable food system. 

Growing up in East Los Angeles, I was surrounded by mostly Chinese and Mexican culture. My parents immigrated from Taiwan and as a first gen kid, I didn’t know dietetics was a profession till I decided to change my career in 2010. Food policy ignited my passion for dietetics and I’ve never looked back.  

As a culinary trained dietitian, I’ve been able to build a fulfilling career as a brand consultant and educator. I’ve worked in and built programs for food insecure communities and continue to advocate for food equity. I am actively involved in our professional association at the local and national level as one of the few leaders of color. I encourage everyone to speak up for things they’d like to see changed in our profession. We need more diverse voices and more people engaged to change the system. The future of our profession needs you. 

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