Ayten Salahi


I am researcher, food policy advocate and nutrition coach on a mission to heal people and the planet through food. As the first-generation daughter of Turkish-Cypriot immigrants and war survivors, I learned at a young age to view food as a tool for healing, compassion, and unity. After nearly a decade in medical research, I left my job in Los Angeles and moved across the country to follow my true passion to develop and advocate for food and nutrition programs that sustain human, ecological, and communal well-being.

Since completing my Master of Science in Food and Nutrition Policy and Programs at @Tufts_Nutrition and DPD at @Simmons.Nutrition, I have founded a budding international food and climate justice organization that leverages the unique role of food and nutrition professionals to cultivate a more just, regenerative, and climate-resilient future for all, called the @PlanetaryHealthCollective. Applying these same values, I also launched an inclusive and earth-conscious nutrition coaching program to help womxn heal their gut and restore natural energy without sacrificing the joy or culture of food. I am currently a Dietetic Intern at @MGH_DI.

The field of nutrition and dietetics must evolve to meet the needs of our diverse patient populations. White, Eurocentric nutrition guidance should not be the default in our training. Inclusivity, curiosity, and adaptability must be at the center of our practical approach to medical nutrition, and to that end, accredited dietetic programs must make every effort to recruit, financially support, and mentor BIPOC and immigrant students and educators seeking to enter the field.

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