Kimberly Korff


My name is Kimberly Korff, and I received my bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Missouri State University and completed my dietetic internship at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria, IL. I’m now a registered dietitian in rural Iowa. While studying nutrition in undergrad, I frequently thought, “All we are talking about is American food, I hardly eat any of this. America is so diverse – how is any of this knowledge going to help people who don’t eat typical American food?” I felt compelled to incorporate my knowledge of foods and culture around the world into my future career as a dietitian. But being one of the two non-white students in my program, I felt alone in this. It wasn’t until I entered into the greater body of dietitians that I was relieved to find there were many multicultural dietitians who had similar stories (and palates) to mine. I’ve learned just how important representation is, to know people who have the same background or ideals as you, to make you confident you can be yourself and you can bring ALL of your ideas and skills to the table. Growing up as a third-culture kid in the Philippines with a Hawaiian-Japanese mother and midwestern dad, I’ve always eaten foods from different cultures. There are so many nutritious and delicious foods people miss out on just because the foods are from an unfamiliar culture. This is my passion – showing people the world of wonderful healthy foods that are native to countries and cultures other than the United States. All foods fit!

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