Rukayyah Abdus-Samad

Ryerson University, BASc ’23

Hi everyone! My name is Rukayyah Abdus-Samad and I was born and raised in Toronto. I have a Guyanese (West-Indian) background and I am identifiably a Muslim. I am currently a second year nutrition student at Ryerson University. I am completing a certificate in food security along with my degree. My goal is to become a registered dietician in the near future. 

Exploring diversity has always been essential to me as it helps us better understand our peers. Understanding one another ultimately builds a secure community. Thankfully, growing up in Toronto has helped broaden my exposure and knowledge of different cultures. Being Guyanese also helped with the fact. Guyana homes many different ethnicities and we all collectively celebrate and adhere to each other’s culture. I am extremely passionate about nutrition and I love exploring new options and trying unique food. I believe food brings people together and is the key to community. There is definitely a lack of representation in regard to BIPOC individuals in the nutrition field, but hopefully in time the field will broaden its spectrum and diversify!

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