Coral Dabarera Edelson


Hi my name is Coral Dabarera Edelson, and I grew up just outside of Boston, MA, USA. I am a first generation American, and I am Black, and Sri Lankan. It was my parents’ dream for me to take advantage of the amazing educational opportunities that the US has to offer, and two degrees later I say their dream has come true! I completed my Masters in Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity at University of Southern California. I am proud of the diversity of my class, and the inclusiveness of my education. I love being a registered dietitian! My passion is using functional, holistic, and science-based nutrition to help black women. Functional nutrition and personalized care is cutting edge healthcare, and I believe more people need access to it. A big part of reaching that goal is diversifying dietetics, and I think creating more inclusive internship structures would be a huge part of this. I am so thankful for the work of accounts like @nutritiondiversified to bring BIPOC’s views and perspectives to the front!

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