Katrina Lo


Hello, I’m Katrina, I am a Canadian born Chinese citizen. My parents’ families came from 2 different parts of China but my parents spent the majority of their lives in Canada. Growing up I was exposed to a very Western culture. I never really knew much of my family, and I only had one cousin who now lives in BC and I have little contact with.

One of my biggest shames growing up was sitting with a group of friends who identified themselves as Chinese because they had so many connections with their culture, recipes their family made, or inside jokes I might not get, but I could only connect to it at a very I never liked the label CBC or whitewashed, because it made me feel like I was at a loss of identity. I didn’t feel Chinese, and I didn’t feel Canadian either.

It wasn’t until high school when we all had to figure out what career we wanted to pursue that it made me reflect on what was important to me. I always knew I wanted to be in health care, I just didn’t know where.

My mom had offhandedly mentioned that there was such a thing as an RD. It was a mere brainstorm bullet point idea but I’ve held onto it ever since. To me, food holds a deep connection to my culture and my identity. It’s something I share with people. It’s not just the act of eating. Years later, while I may still feel disconnected from my Chinese culture, I try to reconnect to it is through learning more about the cuisine. I hope as a future dietetics professional I can help people find a connection and enjoyment through the foods they eat.

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