BSc, 21

My name is Sabrina aka @_sabji! On my page you will find memes, tips for reducing waste, myth busting and nutrition education made simple!

I’m in my final year at King’s College London, and right now I have a bunch of different areas I want to tackle, from nutrition education to food insecurity to cultural inclusivity. In fact my research project will be addressing the availability and costing of culturally appropriate food baskets in London!

Throughout my degree I have become more and more aware of how little diversity there within the field of dietetics in terms of culture, gender and socio-economic backgrounds. But instagram has meant that I have met so many wonderful RDs and RD2BE from all walks of life, where we’ve been able to share stories of micro-aggression or inequalities for ethnic minority patients! I can’t wait to see the BDA do more work in diversifying the field, especially with the BLM talk on the 24th September! I would love to see more cooking sessions with people from different cultures as part of our cooking lessons at uni! It would be an invaluable experience to help us widen our knowledge about foods our patients may eat and its cultural significance.

It’s time for us to be willing to learn, share our stories and make changes!

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