BSc, ’19

Hey everyone! My name is Jamie and I am studying at Deakin University in Melbourne. I graduated from the Bachelor’s in Food and Nutrition Science in 2019 and I’m currently doing Honours this year where I am researching dietary intakes of toddlers, which is one of my areas of interest.

I’m an International student from Singapore, and it was definitely difficult meeting people of similar cultures within the course, which was also due to the fact that there was only a handful of us. I always accepted this circumstance without question since I was a foreign student, and didn’t have any expectations that it would be similar to what I had back in Singapore, which is a multi-racial country. Living in Melbourne the past 3 years has shown me the diverse cultures here, and I have had the opportunity to be in nutrition placements that gave me insights into the nutrition field here. However, through my education and experience, I also realise that what we learn and have been exposed to may have been quite one-dimensional. They don’t always take into account cultural differences, and this is what I struggled with at one point because what was and is commonly promoted as “healthy eating” didn’t always fit in with my cultural foods, and I’m sure many other cultures as well.

This has definitely sparked another interest in me, to be more inclusive in terms of cultural backgrounds in my learnings and future work, and I’m very grateful that people like Christabel is spearheading movements like these!

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