Zariel Grullón


Saludos! Mi nombre es Zariel! I am a first gen Dominican who recently became an RD! I am 1/2 of @nomorechichos a platform shared with my sister where we make healthy fun, para todos.

We do this in two ways, first way is by educating empowering and inspiring future RDs and other allied health professionals to understand the complexities of entering the field and surviving mentally, physically and spiritually.

Additionally, by helping first time cooks become the bosses of their kitchens by sharing tips and tricks to make cooking fun, easy, nutritious and delicious.

I am passionate about these two areas of my life because I know it was an area where I struggled the most. The lack of transparency I felt on my LOONG road to becoming an RD is something I want to help dismantle. I personally feel like the more we share as providers “on the other side” the better we can prepare the future generation of health professionals. Always remembering to keep it real!

A fun fact about me. I have a dog named Tuna.

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