Navika Gangrade


Hello! My name is Navika Gangrade. I am a registered dietitian in a PhD Candidate in Nutrition at Cornell University. My research is focused on remediating nutrition-related health disparities among minority, low-income youth through behavioral interventions. In my work, I leverage resources to allow marginalized populations to advocate and promote their own nutrition/health, in turn dissolving systems that perpetuate health inequity. I became passionate about research in this topic area through experiences that I sought out as an undergraduate Dietetics student. I cultivated these experiences since my classwork and instruction was not sufficient in describing social determinants of health or emphasizing how nutrition professionals can best serve ALL individuals. We focused on the White-centric worldview that is prominent in nutrition.

To diversity nutrition, we need more diverse instructors at the undergraduate level, as well as specific coursework dedicated to teaching social determinants of health and providing nutrition-related care to those from other cultures.

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