Sandrine Staco


My name is Sandrine. I’m a registered dietitian from Montreal, Qc. I was born in Montréal but my parents are from Haiti. I recently finished my bachelor’s at the University of Montréal. Although Montréal is a very multi-cultural city, there was very little diversity in the nutrition program. I was the only black person in my class and there weren’t many other BIPOC students. I recently got in touch with some other black dietitians which has made me feel much less lonely. I hope to see more diversity amongst the future dietitians.

I now work at a school board (nutrition education), I also do online consultations and other projects as well. I’m someone who likes to have a lot of different things going on to keep me on my toes.

I think that as dietitians, it is very important to have the curiosity to want to discover foods from all around the world. It’s also our duty to respect the ethnic background of our clients/patients and be able to adapt our course of treatment depending on the person that is in front of us.

I speak many languages, check out my Instagram for nutrition content in French, English, Haitian creole and Spanish!

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