Karen Villella


Hi there! My name is Karen Villella. I grew up in a typical Mexican household where food, family and hard work were highly valued.

In college I discovered my love for dance along with weight training. I double majored in Exercise Science and Spanish. Exercise Science taught me the importance of movement, and studying the Spanish language allowed my dramatic nature to soar! (Yes, Spanish poetry is that much more dramatic).

The study of the body during movement was fun, rewarding and fascinating. By personal involvement and education, I learned a great truth. Movement is important to life, but perhaps what is more critical is what we do multiple time every day, EAT.

So, I pursued the next level eating a master’s degree in human nutrition from Winthrop University along with the coveted title of Registered Dietitian.

As a practicing professional, I have found great success in helping individuals set small, attainable nutrition goals along with participation in physical activity.

Each client has successfully improved their lives despite medical or mental barriers. I truly am energized and enjoy the challenge of helping individuals find “what works successfully” for them.

Health is more than just the absence of disease. Health is unique to you.

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