Tracy Amofa-Diatuo

BSc, MSc

Hi there.
I’m Tracy! I’m Afropean which simply means that I was born in France but my roots are Ghanaian (side-bar I lived in the U.K. for 8-9 years to study and work (for this reason I’m quite fluent in English)).

I’m a registered dietitian-nutritionist based in France.
When it came to the point of considering my career path at the end of high school, I was wondering how I could use science in a more practical way for the good of others. I happened to hear about the role of dietitian when my sister had to see one since she was practicing athletics at high level. So it was the combination of practicality and science for a health purpose that got me into this field and made me take this path. And I also love how cooking is simply chemistry! 

Combining dietetics, nutrition, food and R&D for 10 years, I decided at the end of 2019 to take a leap of faith and be self-employed.

Since I have multiple cultures, and I love what they all bring food wise, I also want others to embrace their own but in a healthier way. Hence my desire to help them learn how to eat healthier without compromising or diming their cultural food habits (yes you can eat plantains and yam and still be healthy).

Through both my studies and my work, I rarely saw a black person being a dietitian-nutritionist. Usually I’m the only one (and I bet you guys know the feeling too)! But I’m glad this didn’t stop me pursuing this path and now seeing other black dietitians excelling in this field as well.

So I’m happy to be a part of this community!

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