Ashley Lauren


Hi! I’m Ashley, second career RD/MPH/CHES and bi-racial. I always knew there was a link between health and food but it wasn’t until I went back to school that I started to see the real problems.

In my naivety, I thought I’d learn everything about nutrition and pour into those who did not have the same access to education. Well the problem is so much bigger than education. When you get on the inside, you quickly realize no one looks like you. You hear the stories and you see the relief on patients’ faces when you’re in the room with them. BIPOC need an advocate not a lecture.

I’m still learning but right now my job is to show up and be a familiar face. I am here to let people know they have a place to go where they can feel heard and be seen. I want to be a reminder that we have allies in the system who are thinking about our needs. I’m more than just an educational bridge. I’m the eyes, ears and heart pulling my seat up to the table and speaking on behalf of anyone who ever felt like healthcare left them out.

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