Richelle Rada


I am Richelle Rada. I am a Filipino American dietitian wearing many hats. I am a clinical dietitian at Guam Memorial Hospital. I am an instructor at the University of Guam. And I am virtual dietitian, empowering people to eat the foods they love, reaching their health goals all while celebrating their culture!

I was born and raised in Hawai’i (on the island of O’ahu), USA and currently live on Guam. Growing up in a very culturally diverse state, I always felt safe and nurtured. The culture in Hawai’i is very welcoming, loving and open! We have a mix of Hawaiians, Portuguese, Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Laotian, Chuukese, Marshallese, Pohnpeian, Mexicans, and Samoans. (There is likely way more cultures that I missed.) Even on Guam (U.S. territory) the indigenous people, Chamorru people also extend their love and hospitality! Having lived in these two amazing places encourages me to embrace my culture!

While completing my undergrad at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, I remember feeling like recommendations for Americans often were not inclusive of the very diverse population. Even now, I strongly feel that nutrition recommendations are westernized and just apply to the majority. When I became an RD, I wanted to fill the void of the lack of diversity in dietetics. I wanted to let people know that they did not have to sacrifice cultural foods they enjoyed, and they could still reach their ultimate health goals!

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