Malou Aragon


Kamusta ka?! Sharing respect, gratitude for the Maricopa and Pima Ancestors and Ancestral lands of which I live and practice. My name is Malou Aragon and I received my Bachelor of food science in nutrition with a specialization in dietetics and food service management. Alumni from Central Wa. University. My interests/work centers around eating behaviors/disordered eating.

The Nutrition community can always do more to support their peers of marginalized nutrition professionals. Name them, recognize them, pay them for their contributions of great and small. Diversify Dietetics does a great job of highlighting the work that is being done and needs to be done.

Some stats from a #Repost from @kimrosedietitian with @make_repost

We’re about to engage in an uncomfortable discussion👇🏾

Race may be an uncomfortable topic for some, but I couldn’t let Black History Month pass without bringing some statistics to light. DYK:
-2.1 % are Native American, American Indian or Alaskan, or 2 or more races. @nutritioncheatsheets.
-2.6 % of dietitians are African American or Black.
-3.1 % of dietitians are Hispanic @latinanutritionist
-3.9 % of dietitians are Asian @herbsandfood
-Combined: Dietitians of color make up well below 15%. These statistics are one reason why I’m on YouTube, why I’m a CDE and a CNSC, and why @wonderfullynutritious and I have a podcast. Representation matters.

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