Jasmynne Blacks

B.S. Nutrition Sc

Hi everyone! My name is Jasmynne Blacks. I am currently a Master’s student in the Coordinated Nutrition Program, Graduate School + Dietetic Internship at Georgia State University.

My journey within the field of dietetics has been amazing. In only a year I’ve developed great relationships with my cohort members and preceptors, completed rotations throughout the community in places such as Georgia Tech and Grady Hospital, joined a lab where I was given the amazing opportunity to present in a graduate research conference, winning 1st place, and attended various conferences in Baltimore, Atlanta, & DC where I have been able to meet so many amazing dietitians and RDs 2be. I am beyond grateful for every opportunity I’ve had and love to share my story to inspire others, as well as read other’s stories. Many of my family and friends have encouraged me throughout this time, which has helped me to continue chasing after my dreams.

My program’s focus is Urban Health and being born and raised in the city of New York has always been a part of my life. I’ve always lived around diversity as New York is a true “melting pot”. As I’ve taught and interacted with people of various cultures and backgrounds throughout my program, I have become so passionate in what it means to TRULY give back to the community. I never thought community nutrition would be a career route I would consider but community nutrition gives me the opportunity to interact with so many different people and change the course of someone’s life through education and food!

I cannot wait to hold the credentials of RD and use my experiences, passion, and creativity to make a difference.

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