Natasha Ngindi


My name is Natasha Ngindi and I’m a Non-Diet Nutritionist. My passion is helping women find food freedom and body acceptance. When I was in school, there was only a handful of non-white students in the entire 4 year nutrition program, and it was the same during internship.

There was a huge lack of diversity in my experience but I am used to being the only black person in a room. My hope for the future is that there will be a mandatory course on cultural competency for all RDs, presented by BIPOC professionals. Also, having grants specifically made for BIPOC will increase the diversity of future RDs, and make the field more accessible for those that may not be able to afford it.

Having more RDs of colour with the knowledge and experience about food in different cultures is important to make non-white clients feel represented and understood. It also gives clients of color the opportunity to make informed nutrition choices without having to sacrifice their favourite cultural foods.

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