Prabh Saini

BASc, ’21

Hi, I’m Pabh and I’m going into my fourth year at Ryerson for nutrition and dietetics.

Initially, my love for nutrition sparked upon seeing my dad’s recovery from coronary artery disease by actively changing his lifestyle. I was profoundly struck by our body’s capability of preventing and potentially reversing damage if we care for it in a loving and mindful manner.

As I began to advance in the field, I couldn’t help but identify a missing gap. A lack of diversity and representation of culture and colour was evident across the field of dietetics, mainstream media and the food industry. I feel that our guidelines and recommendations are predominantly representative of Western, European culture, but do not embody the diversity present in Canada.

Growing up, I did not understand the value of my cultural food, there was a disconnect because my food was not what everyone else ate, my food didn’t fit in with the Canadian food guide, my food wasn’t “normal”.

I decided to start my Instagram page to do my small part to fill that gap and acknowledge cultural food and traditions, specifically Indian traditions that have been passed down for generations.

I want to promote cultural diversity within dietetics alongside enlightening that cultural foods are “normal” and should be integrated into guidelines, recommendations, science-based evidence and mainstream media and food products. Support my page @sainisspice if you feel that a cultural gap exists!

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