Taavi Moore

BS, ’21

My name is Taavi Moore. I am a 20-year-old passionate food blogger from Seattle, WA. I am currently attending school at Seattle Pacific University studying Nutrition and Dietetics. My passion for cooking has been influenced by the countless hours I spent in the kitchen growing up. By cooking nutritious, plant-based food I have come to love how benefiting it is for both my mental and physical health.

As a person who is half Native American, I represent the BIPOC community in the dietetics world. According to EatRight.org, 76.1k or about 72% of registered dietitians (RDN or RD) in the US identify as white. Of the 106,000 RD’s in the US, only 510 are Native American. Wait… that is 0.4%. That being said, Native Americans and many BIPOC individuals are very underrepresented in the dietetics community, which is critical because many communities who are struck by food insecurity contain a high percentage of people of color. This isn’t to say a white RD can’t help someone of color, but there are cultural barriers that may be easier to overcome if the RD that is helping the community in need understands their background and identifies with them.

I have personally never experienced direct racism but have overheard remarks that were harmful to my Native community (ie: making fun of cultural dances, imitating Native talk, etc). Diabetes is extremely prevalent in the Native American race. It is our duty as dietitians to help combat that problem. It would be extremely beneficial for Native RD’s to help Native individuals, as many Native Americans are tied down to tradition and would receive guidance more willingly from someone with the same background.

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