Myriam Webb

RD, Doula

Myriam has been a Registered Dietitian serving the diverse population of New York City in community, clinical and outpatient settings for almost 7 years. As an undergraduate student at CUNY Brooklyn College, Myriam minored in Women’s Studies. She found herself drawn to nutrition interventions related to breastfeeding and women’s health throughout her internship at Stony Brook University. Determined to refine her clinical skills, she has worked as a Clinical Dietitian for the majority of her nutrition career but still found herself researching everything and anything related to pregnancy, women’s health and birth in her free time. During her research, she came across studies related to institutional racism and its effect on maternal health and the statistic that Black women in New York City were 8-12 times more likely than white women to die during childbirth. This statistic distressed her and she looked into ways to help. The universe pointed her to Ancient Song Doula Services where she completed her doula training as a full spectrum doula. Myriam decided to combine her nutrition skills and desire to help birthing persons of Black and Brown communities. She started her business, Doulicious Nutrition with the goal of empowering her community to reclaim their birth journeys and health.

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