Kameron Rowe


Hey y’all. My name is Kameron and I am a registered dietitian based in Rochester, NY although I am originally from Raleigh, NC and a proud Tar Heel 🐏 (#goheels!) When I was sixteen, I lost 90 pounds. This life changing experience propelled me to study nutrition and to help people lead healthy lifestyles. However at that time, I did not know how to distinguish true nutrition science from all of the numerous claims and ploys from the diet and fitness industry. This led me to label foods as “good” and “bad” and fall into other dangerous eating patterns. During my undergraduate studies, I volunteered with a registered dietitian leading grocery store tours and teaching nutrition educations classes. I saw first hand that dietitians are food and nutrition experts that can be trusted and that this is the work I want to do. Through my graduate studies and dietetic internship, I received rigorous training, knowledge and experience in clinical and community nutrition and food service management. I also learned how to decipher and use evidence based nutrition science in my daily practice and most importantly to help people make informed choices. Currently I work as a clinical dietitian in the emergency department and observation units at a large university medical center. In my work as a clinical dietitian, I screen and assess patients who are at nutrition risk and provide the appropriate nutrition interventions. No day is ever the same and the quick pace keeps me on my toes. In the future, I would like to return to my first love, which is community nutrition work, to educate and empower people, particularly communities of color, and also to combat health disparities. I would like to thank @nutritiondiversified for amplifying the voices of dietitians of color and also @diversifydietetics for providing a community for dietitians of color that has been crucial in my development as a dietitian, being comfortable in my skin and not only meeting but being uplifted by other dietitians of color.

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