Tasha Sarver


Tasha Sarver, RD, LD, CDCES is an experienced dietitian with 14 years experience. She is a wife, mom, author, and certified diabetes educator. Her background is in diabetes, adult weight management, heart health, and diabetes medical technology. The non-diet approach to healthy eating is her nutrition philosophy. As a black dietitian Tasha has felt the burden of ensuring that she always represents well since she may be the only dietitian of color that some may ever encounter. A challenge that she has encountered is not knowing whether a client doesn’t like her because of her coaching style or whether they dislike her because she is black. She has never felt isolated; however, when she is surrounded by colleagues at staff meetings or conferences she will be able to count the number of blacks on one hand. The client population that dietitians work with require knowledge about cultural diversity as it relates to food and cultural practices that contribute to improved health and wellness. Tasha is passionate about promoting cultural diversity within the dietetic profession.

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