Alejandra Sepúlveda

Hello, my name is Alejandra Sepulveda. I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I moved to Orlando, FL in 2016, attended high school for my junior and senior year, and got accepted at Florida International University in Miami to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics.

I have always had a great desire of being in touch with people from different cultures and speak different languages. Back in my country, I made friends with many South Americans, South Asians, and Europeans from a very young age. Once I moved to the states, I felt beyond fortunate to be surrounded by people from many different countries, ethnicities, races, and even more when I moved to FIU which celebrates diversity and culture at its finest. My passion for nutrition and health was discovered the summer after my high school graduation. I have made the decision to follow a vegan lifestyle a couple of months before that and while on the journey I understood that I am very intrigued and passionate about caring for people’s wellness and food’s impact on our overall health. Being part of FIU’s Nutrition & Dietetics program based in Miami has allowed me to embrace both my culture and the uniqueness of others. As a BIPOC #rd2be and my fellow classmates in my school and anywhere in the world, we have the responsibility and duty to diversify our field bringing all that we know to the table. Build those paths for us and the ones coming after us and most importantly represent our people.

I truly think that the most amazing feeling I have had so far as a dietetics student is being able to look like my future patients. To truly know that they would feel comfortable with my guidance and service because we would have these roots in common. When I meet any BIPOC anywhere and I tell them I’m studying to be an RD, they show their faces of relief and immediately tell me “It would be amazing to have more people that look like us in the medical/health field to help us”.

I have teared up at these many times and just thinking how fulfilling it is to be able to not just know you will guide people to have a better quality of life but also being able to connect with them on that level. I am so excited to connect with you all and continue learning all together.

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