Esther Lam


My name is Esther Lac and I’m a Canadian Chinese Registered Dietitian in Calgary, AB. I describe myself as a passionate advocate for cultural awareness and mental health in nutrition. My original interest when I decided to study dietetics was mental health and eating disorders. I love counseling because I get to hear client’s stories and appreciate what food means to them and then I get to be invited to walk alongside them on their journey to reestablish a healthy relationship with food and foster compassion and appreciation of their body image. What inspired me to focus on cultural awareness and diversity in my social media and my private practice ( was a realization that cultural competency is ever growing–we never stop becoming more culturally aware. I want to provide RDs as well as regular people with perspectives and stories about food and body image from the lens of an Asian heritage. A bowl of rice is more than a convenient staple at supper time.

Bubble tea is a symbol (after all, people will order milk tea regardless of their lactose intolerance and say it was worth it.) As Asians we fall victim to our own share of beauty standards: petite frames, milky white skin, V-shaped jaw lines. Let’s keep sharing our cultures and never stop learning about others.

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