Symone and Chantel


RD highlight is double_dose_of_vitamin_c_ also known as Symone & Chantel. They are twin sisters and registered dietitians in Canada.

Symone and Chantel are of Caribbean descent with parents originating from Trinidad and Tobago. They feel very fortunate to have parents from such a beautiful place, one with unique tastes and rich culture.

Both, graduated university with distinction and completed a Dietitians of Canada accredited internship program.

Symone and Chantel got into the field of dietetics when they were in their final year of high school as they loved food and was fascinated with how food could be used to treat and prevent various disease states.

Currently, both dietitians are working in various areas of dietetics including retail, community and private practice. Symone and Chantel help busy individuals make simple, and well balanced food choices that are budget friendly. They help individuals reduce the stress surrounding mealtimes by providing meal inspiration and meal prep ideas. If this sounds like something that interests you, or if you want new meal and snack inspiration that are balanced, give them a follow!

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