Tselane Ramothata


I’m Tselane, a registered Dietitian in South Africa. I graduated with Bsc Honours in Dietetics. My interests in Dietetics are Renal and Paediatrics. Knowing the previous injustices that has happened to our country there is still a lot of socio-economic imbalances amongst our people especially affecting black and POC in the country. I was blessed to get a good schooling background and acceptance into university thanks to the hard work my parents put in as well as my academic records to be awarded an academic scholarship. Whilst studying I often found Western culture was emphasized, while traditional and indigenous were not given as much of the spotlight. Yes, my university did try breach the gap by making us take language courses to better communicate with our patients and practicing our skills in the communities, however it still did not grasp the bigger picture of what majority of South Africans face. Ways in which universities can improve is placing as much emphasis on the cultural needs ff the communities as much as the Western needs. Encourage studies that highlight other eating habits and patterns in their countries. Simple things in lecture presentations like including more POCs in pictures or images of presentations. Including more POC lecturers and POC in positions of leadership.

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