Alexis Ray

BSc, ’20

My name is Alexys Ray and I have a B.S. in Culinary Nutrition. My interests are in Culinary Arts, Intuitive Eating, recipe development and would love to eventually learn more about weight management! As of yet, I have not knowingly faced any racial barriers within the field of Dietetics. What I have experienced is being one of the few Black students in my classes and have felt a bit marginalized because of that. Within my 4 year program, I had one class focused on Food, Culture, and Ethics. It was only offered as an online class and the textbook used was at least over 10 years old. The information in the textbook seemed outdated and written with a “westernized point of view”. The text was inauthentic to the true experiences of the culture and people it outlined. I think what our Caucasian peers could do within the field would be to continue practicing open dialogue with their minority peers concerning the differences we face when it comes to our upbringing and experiences within our educational, professional and personal lives. I think being curious about our personal strifes would help decrease some of the tone deafness and microaggressions that tend to occur in educational and professional spaces. Speaking up and acknowledging when others are inflicting micro-aggressions would help create more togetherness, and denouncing others who partake in any ignorant or racial conversations would set the tone for better inclusivity within the classroom and professional spaces as well!

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