Shana Johnson


My name is Shana! I recently graduated from my dietetic internship at UCSF and now am studying for the RD exam. I have a masters in Public Health Nutrition in 2014.

Since childhood I’ve always had a passion for nutrition but i didn’t know I wanted to be an RD until later in life; specifically when I was working at a non profit in NYC as the Nutrition Education Coordinator. I provided cooking demos, food pantry bags, and basic nutrition classes for HIV+ undocumented immigrants from all over but mainly West Africa and the Caribbean. During my time there these clients became family to me. They began to trust me as their nutrition expert. As their questions and nutritional concerns became more complex I couldn’t help but feel inadequate knowing I didn’t have the proper nutrition education to assist them on that level. I referred them to a local RD but they would always come back with more and more questions about how to apply the RDs recommendations to their specific culture. It was in that moment I decided that I would go back to school so that I could help more POC with culturally sensitive nutrition advice.

I am looking forward to getting my RD credential and making a positive impact in the field of nutrition!

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