Trinique Waters


My name is Trinique (Stallings) Waters and I’m a Registered Dietitian living in Philadelphia, PA with my wife and our two pets. I attended La Salle University and completed their Coordinated Program in Dietetics, graduating in 2016.

I have a great love for community nutrition and nutrition education! The majority of the people I serve look like me, in the sense that they’re African American. I know that this makes a huge impact on the professional relationship that we build together.

Food is so cultural and personal. It’s imperative to recognize and respect the cultural differences or similarities between you and the people you serve in order to see those cultural foods as much more than just protein, fats and carbs. Healthy eating should consist of foods that nourish us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you really take the time to understand people and champion who they are, you will be able to empower them in all of these ways.

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