BScFN, MHSc, ’21

Hi everyone! My name is Yasmine and I am a second year graduate student at Ryerson in the Masters of Nutrition Communication program. I’ve had a wide range of experience within research including nutrigenomics, lung disease, transplant patients, and low socioeconomic status and their effects on nutrition! My parents immigrated from Lebanon to Canada to find opportunity, I am a first generation Lebanese-Canadian. My culture has greatly influenced my food choices, since we grew up eating food from our garden, and a lot of homemade food (doughs, cheese, etc). My experience with diversity in dietetics includes research on refugees, Black, Indigenous, and POC health and how these populations are at a great disadvantage. Within my current job, I am a part of a committee that aims to improve knowledge of employees in terms of anti-racism and diversity. I am looking forward to starting my dietetic internship in September so I am able to be a part of the change in diversity in dietetics!

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