Angela Le

BASc, ’21

My name is Angela Le and I am currently entering my fourth year of studying nutrition at the University of Guelph. I am a woman of Vietnamese origin with strong cultural roots. I was raised in Mississauga for the majority of my life, prior to residing in Guelph. There have been many instances where I have struggled feeling out of place being a minority growing up. In the past, I would often feel self-conscious that the meals I brought to school were unfamiliar to my peers, to where I would reject my own cultural food during my adolescent years. Initially entering the field of nutrition, I was afraid there would be little representation and exposure to different ethnic food practices and cuisines. I was delighted to encounter students in school, professional settings, and on social media within this field that were passionate about their individuality and enjoyed sharing their own cultural foods and teachings.

Due to my experiences, I feel a stronger desire to share my culture with the world and experience the culture of others. I believe representation, diversity, and embracing uniqueness within this field is incredibly important, as we encounter individuals from all places and walks of life. I believe there is so much that can be learnt from each other, and I am incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by those that are kind and inclusive. I am excited for what the future holds in the field of dietetics and what is to be shared and discovered.

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