Norine Khalil


Hi there! Norine here – when Christabel asked me to be featured on this incredible platform, I was a) immediately ready and willing to do anything for this girl because she’s amazing, and b) overwhelmed with panic because I realized I hadn’t really thought about being a woman of colour in the nutrition world.

I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for almost 9 years now (wow.), and my career has taken on many faces over the years. Most recently, I co-founded One Elephant Integrative Health Team with two incredible women, and we are proud to be a women-of-color-led clinic in Oakville. Our diverse team represents exactly who we are and what we stand for – inclusivity, community, and integrative wellness.

Being a woman of colour in our field was…uncommon when I started out. I was one of two in my program. Just two. I was born in Alberta where my family lived for almost 20 years, and moved overseas at a young age. That experience afforded me a childhood full of diversity and cultural awareness.

Food is all about connection, and discussing food requires a certain level of connection as well. I can sense the walls come down with my patients when they feel that connection because of our shared cultural background, or just the comfort in knowing that I understand their norms and their cuisine. That unspoken understanding is invaluable, and something that I feel has strengthened my practice and my love for my job each and every day.

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