Sharon Swampy

BSc, ’20

I am a First Nations Cree and Mexican Dietitian from Canada. I recently graduated from the Dietetics Specialization program at the University of Alberta and was also the first Indigenous student to graduate from this program.

One of the reasons why I wanted to become a dietitian is because I want to be a supporting voice for people of my background. The statistics of dietitians with an Indigenous or Latinx background are low and I want to help bridge that gap to better represent Latin and Indigenous culture in regards to nutrition and wellness. It is important to promote racial diversity and in order to truly optimize the health of minority groups, I believe it is important to start looking at nutrition through a non-Eurocentric lens. Nutrition and health needs are often short-sighted for minority groups and factors such as food access, cultural foods/practices and socioeconomic factors need to be considered much more closely to effectively serve a diverse clientele. I believe there is a long but hopeful road ahead as the diversity of this profession continues to evolve which will foster a better understanding of what is needed for all of us to become better practitioners.

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