Reem and Zeinab

BFNSc, ’23

Hello! We are Reem and Zeinab from Of Mint and Rosewater. Reem is currently a second year nutrition student and Zeinab studied biochemistry during her time in university.

Reem wanted to share her experience being a Muslim hijab wearing female in a nutrition program in Canada.

The nutrition program that I am in is only offered in french so it feels extremely exclusive. In my year, there are a few BIPOC, but it’s staggering how few there are. Interestingly though, there is a handful of fellow Lebanese students.

Due to the nature of the program being a French program, there seems to be a large number of white French speaking students and you get a sense the everyone is a bit cliquey. Not overwhelming so but the program does feel a bit cliquey where everyone just sticks with their own group and doesn’t really socialize much outside of their groups. However, I will say that as a person of colour, I personally have never felt excluded or treated differently in any way. I personally have never felt like other students or professors treat myself or any other BIPOC any differently.

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