Nadina Villacis

BASc, ’22

My name is Nadina Kavita Villacis. I’m a Canadian-Guyanese-Indian woman. I was born in Canada after my parents immigrated from Guyana. My South American origin has always played a large part in my life, especially when it comes to food. I love being a part of so many cultures and mixing them into my cooking. Guyanese and Indian dishes have similarities but also so many differences that make them unique.

Two years ago, I decided to make the switch from psychology to nutrition. I’m excited to mix my psychology background and knowledge with nutrition. I have a passion for nutrition and my future goal is to be a Registered Dietitian (RD).

I’m grateful to be featured here (Thank you Christabel for creating @nutritiondiversified) and hope to bring more to the BIPOC community. As a woman of colour, I know what it feels to face racism. Sadly, even to this day my family faces racism. But as a woman of colour I’m also excited to be entering the dietetics field. I’ve just dipped my toes into the field, but I can see that there is more to be done, and I can’t wait to be a part of the growth of diversity in dietetics.

I think that in this community, there is a lot to learn about different cultures. As future health professionals learning about how other cultures eat and cook is a great way to support and connect with the BIPOC Community.

You can find me @nadinaskitchen, putting a healthy spin on everyday favourite recipes, sharing a variety of dishes from different cultures and sharing evidence-based nutrition information.

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