Confession #1

So I was working an entry level position, in a nutrition call center for a hospital. I was hired at the corporate office & given various tasks besides answering the phones. The supervisors, as well as HR, on site would often share how they wanted me to work up and become a supervisor while I continue my education (because they were aware I’m studying to become a dietitian/professor). I’d created training modules, trained employees, visited clinical sites to shadow dietitians, and the list goes on.

My picture was plastered, my t-shirt ideas were used, etc. Well… our department manager was leaving and the management team wanted me to apply for his position. I’d checked and checked for the position online & never had luck. One random day we received an email that we were getting a new department manager with no nutrition background whatsoever. And guess who was responsible for training the new manager? Yours truly. Odd right?

When I simply asked, “why?” they said I wasn’t good enough for the position. Interesting. The new manager would try to boast me up to the other employees and all these other shenanigans. A little time passed, and I was eventually fired. During the meeting to discuss firing me (HAHA), the supervisors said they will in fact use my hard work as their own. I did try to report the situation with no luck…

And trust me there is so much more to the story than this.

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