Prab Kaur

BSc, MSc

Hello! My name is Prab and I was born and raised in Canada, surrounded by many diverse ethnic communities including my own Punjabi-Sikh community. I have attended a few universities in different Canadian cities over the years including @uottawa@mcgillu, and finally @bresciauc, where I completed my BSc Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics. I then completed my dietetic internship at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario.
During my journey to becoming a dietitian, I became aware of the limited representation of BIPOC dietitians. This led me to start my private practice, NutriKaur, so that my Punjabi-Sikh community, and anyone else following a plant-based diet, could have the option of seeing a health professional with similar lived experiences. I am excited for the push for diversity currently happening in our profession as I believe this will improve the ability of dietitians to provide truly client-centred care!

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