Christabel Menezes

My name is Christabel Menezes and my pronouns are she/her. I moved to Mississauga in 2014 and am currently a second year nutrition student at Ryerson University in Toronto. Being born and raised in the UAE, I was always surrounded by diversity. Along with my undergrad, I’m pursuing a minor in psychology, a certificate in food security and a research concentration.

As a woman of Indian origin, I feel extremely fortunate to be in a mosaic society that celebrates culture. I love nutrition and its intersectionality with other fields, the range of career options and the involvement with community. Living in the GTA allows me to continue immersing myself in my culture, while providing me with the opportunity to learn from and experience other unique cuisines. I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by BIPOC role models at home, at work with @oneelephanthealth and surrounded by my ambitious friends. I hope this page eventually becomes a resource for nutrition professionals looking to develop their cultural competency and continue learning.

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